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 Roger L. Lundblad, Ph.D.


Dr. Lundblad is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina but in these electronic times, is available on a global basis.   Contact may be accomplished by email, telephone, or snail mail. The development of a confidentiality agreement is encouraged and a contract is preferred to assure that there are not misunderstandings regarding scope of services. A business relationship is best established through a non-confidential discussion regarding the scope of the problem. If the problem is outside of my areas of interest, I will do my best to direct to you a more suitable source. There is usually no fee for this informal contact. Should there appear to be a mutually beneficial relationship, the next step would be the development of an agreement between the client and Roger L. Lundblad which details (1) the scope of activities, (2) length of contract and (3) the reimbursment process. The fees are on a sliding basis dependent on project complexity. Dr. Lundblad is also available for locum tenens assignments on a contract basis.