Some  old observations that continue to puzzle me.

The most recent issue of Nature contained an editorial which got my attention - "Wakey wakey" (Nature 521, 394, 2015) described the "discovery" of "sleeping-beauty" papers which seem to have be lost and then are found with considerable enthusiasm.   I am not including a paper by investigator A which fails to recognize that very similar work was published some thirty years ago; journal restrictions on the number of references can be an issue here.   I rather talking about work as described in the above cited editorial.  There are several papers which I have come across in my various literature searches which fall into teh "Wakey, wakey" category but the one that comes to mind first by Bendien and van Crevald (Am.J.Dis.Children  54, 713-725, 1937) which is described elsewhere in these postings.  This work and other work by Eley and coworkers such that it was possible to develop relatively simple products for the oral prophylaxis of hemophilia A.     It is likely that WWII prevented further work by either group and other therapeutic options for hemophilia became available after WWII.   It is unfortunate that there has not been addtional work in this area.