Fake Research Reagents

If laboratory work was not difficult enough, there is a recent report of illegitimate research reagents [Cyranoski, D., The Secret War Against Counterfeit Science, Nature  545, 148-150, 2017(No. 7653; May 11, 2017).  One of the many things that I learned when I worked in the biopharmaceutical industry was to validate the reagents (all reagents) and assign stability limits to all reagents and solutions prepared from reagents.  It is important to recognize that packaging, data sheets, labels can be prepared to accompany fake reagents.  I understand that validation of incoming chemical and biological materials is time consuming and expensive. However, the waste of time and money associated with working with fake reagents is even more costly. - an example cited in the above articles describes a laboratory that spent US $500.000 and two years on a problem with problem ELISA kits.  I would hope that institutions would take the lead in this problem by providing for verification of incoming materials.