Data Quality and Data Integrity

Data quality and data integrity are not the same.   There is an excellent article by R.D. McDonnall in the November 2019 issue of Spectroscopy (1) which addresses the difference between data integrity and data quality.  This should be required reading for biopharma folks from the bench to the corner office.   Coincidentally, Jill Wechsler had a comment in the October 2019 issue of Biopharm addressing the issue of data integrity (2).  The pharm industry is not doing too well in public opinion and attention to issues of data integrity and data quality are critical for institutional image.


1.  McDowall, R.W., Data quality and data Integrity are the same, Right? Wrong!, Spectroscopy, November, 2019, pps. 23-29, 2019
2.  Wechsler, J., Data integrity violations draw strong FDA rebukes, Biopharm, October, 2019, pps.9-10, 2019.