Factor VIII, Horror Movies, and Increased Risk of Thrombosis

The recent report by Nemeth and coworkers (1) at Leiden describing an increase in plasma factor VIII levels in normal subjects after watching a "horror" movie adds to the lore of external factors which can result in an increase in factor VIII concentration in the circulation.   As noted by the authors, increased factor VIII is a risk factor for thrombosis.  A quick PubMed search yielded one paper (2) which I considered quite relevant to the observations of Nemeth and coworkers. Vacek and coworkers (2) presented a case report on a young football player who developed a coronary thrombosis while weight lifting.   Laboratory testing showed a factor VIII level of 205% (reference range 60-140%). 

1.  Nemeth, B., Scheres, L.J.J., Lijfering, W.M., and Rosendaal, F.R., Bloocurdling movies and measures of coagulation: fear factor crossover trial, BMJ 351:h6367, 2015.
2.  Vacek, T.P., Rehman, S., Grubb, B.P., Kosinski, D., Verghese, C. and Eitahawy, E.A., Recurrent myocardial infarctions in a young football player secondary to thrombophilia, associated with elevated factor VIII activity, Int.Med.Case Rep.J. 7, 147-154, 2014.