A New (old) Book on the Chemistry of Sulfhydryl Groups and Disulfides.

P.C. Jocelyn  Biochemistry of the SH Group, Academic Press, London, United Kingdom, 1972.

I found this book by accident (I could have said by serendipity but that would give me too much credit).  It was found in a section of books concerned with the  in vivo and in vitro structural use of polysaccharides ( I was looking for a book on hyaluronan).  Book call numbers sometimes have a life of their giving value to actually scanning the shelf rather than just requesting the book - I have found material that I would have missed.

 I am a bit embarrassed by being unfamiliar with the work considering my publications on protein chemistry.    It is an excellent book containing data  relevant to current work on antibody conjugates and protein expression in bacterial systems.   The chapter on disulfide bonds is of particular value.